WHY organic goods are more expensive?

Nowadays, all department stores often have organic agricultural products to offer. Choose for consumers who love and concern about their health. Organic Agriculture is a product that are chemical free. When consumed, it has better beneficial effect to consumer’s body.

Then why it is more expensive?

Because the production process is more complicated From natural cultivation, selective breeding, controlling appropriate climate environment for the crops without chemicals. All the goods after cultivated must be certified by the Department of Agriculture to ensure the safety for our value customers.

INWIANG VALLEY grows organic goods, main products are Longan and Lychees. The plantation area is about one hundred rai planted with 750 longan trees and 450 lychee trees. Throughout the process becoming the tea, controlling the cultivated area with ecological system as well as the area nearby. If the surrounding area uses chemical, it will contaminate both air and water. We have to consult and seek for academic advice for the best solution. Therefore, the yield is sure lower compared to planting the easy way, chemical can control it all.

Without knowledge, production each year cannot be controlling and up to standard which therefore, we need to work on all factors possible. We worked together with researcher testing from cultivation, harvesting, section storage, and process in manufacturing and packing at last, all certified by the department of agriculture.

You can rest assured that the product of INWIANG VALLEY to your table are good quality that has been exporting worldwide.

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