We can help you produce and create all types of Organic products such as food supplements, beverages, tea, coffee or organic snacks as Inwinag Valley is one of the Thai garden to certified International Organic standards; Europe, Canada and the United States that covering the whole area unlike some other places. Beside our Organic  plantations, we also have our own small factory that meets the GMP standards. Quality products for export along with research supports from reliable institutions such as the Food Institute, National Science and Technology Development Agency

Inwiang Valley is committed to improving the quality of the good products of customers. Inwiang Valley's products are researched and certified by the FDA, nutrition testing and meet various international standards, therefore ensuring 100% in quality and safety

We can help you produce and creating your own preferable brands


Inwiang Valley covers an area of ​​108 Rai in Wiang Pa Pao, Chiang Rai. Whole areas has been certified organic; Europe, Canada and the United States. The inspection covers the entire area. Not only some plots like others just to get a certificate. So, you can rest assure that we our hand picked ingredients are premium grade.


Our plantation received Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from the Food and Drug Administration as well as other standards in accordance with international standards. You can confidently trust in our cleanliness and safety production to manufacture your product out to the market.


In addition to INWIANG VALLEY products that are premium,exported quality, there is research supported by reliable institutions such as the Food Institute, National Science and Technology Development Agency because INWIANG VALLEY is committed to develop the product to differentiate our product from others.

Your Success is Our Goal

INWIANG VALLEY #Organic Life Style

What's Your Design ?

INWIANG VALLEY want to encourages and support your dream. Expanding your dreams to create a better healthier life here with us is also a bridge that helps support Thai farmers who intend to produce organic products to expand their market and also make our world a better place without putting in toxic chemical to our nature.

If you want to have your own brand, start small with us! For the good health of you and your beloved one. Come join us and build #organiclifestyle family together.