Lychee and Diabetic Cloggy Fat

If you talk about lychee, we would think of fruit with red bark, thick texture, sweet taste, sour taste, black seeds but how many people know that Lychee has load of benefit you cannot imagine.

History said the origin of lychee is from southern China in Guangdong province. It has been grown over 3,500 years. It came into Thailand in 1854 when Chinese start trading with the Thais. Up until now, Thais still grow Lychee and mostly popular in the norther part of Thailand where the weather is more chill. Main breed are Hong-Huay, Kwan-Chao and Kim-Jeng.

Lychee contains energy, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. This information is based on: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard (2011). In addition to the above benefits, the fruits, leaves and roots of lychee, after extracted into a drink, it helps digestion. Treat diarrhea, Beriberi, Prevention Skin disease, Reduce stomach acid and diuretic. With regularly drinking it helps reduce diabetes pressure, fat blockage and Hepatitis

Many people bring lychee and extract into skin care product as it compose in high vitamin C. With load of benefit, researchers have extracted the key components into INWIANG VALLEY Lychee Tea. INWIANG VALLEY Lychee Tea is a product developed by the National Food Institute (NFI) The production process is based on academic principles certified by GMP and HACCP.