Longan, fruit that can relieves knee pain and reduce inflammation

‘Longan’ is accepted wildly in Asia. Chinese consider it as Chinese tradition medicine. In Thailand, there are many research supported all accepted its great health benefit, for example;

• Chulalongkorn University Research Institute found that longan seed extract reduced the shrinkage of blood vessels. It helps stoping malaria and can be used as an antifungal agent in the mouth.

• Suan Sunandha University has studied the use as an inhibitor of growth microbes (Antibacterial, Antimarial)

• Research from Taiwan found that longan seed extracts affect gout treatment. It can reduce uric acid in the blood.

• Research from China. Longan extract Antioxidant supplements.

Chronic inflammation Anti-inflammatory substances in brain fever. And the anti-change. Corilagin can help fight cancer in the ovaries.

There are many more useful benefit of Longan online, try Google “Longan’s Benefit” and see it for yourself!

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