Knee pain and INWIANG VALLEY Longan Tea

We have heard many saying that having knee pain usually occurs in people over forty-five years old. But that does not mean that young people will not find symptoms. From medical information confirmed that at all age can have osteoarthritis.

For example, overweight people could as well suffering from knee arthritis. Athlete could also damage and accelerate their knee when over trained.

Osteoarthritis is not yet having medicine curing, doctor could only treat symptomatic monitoring. Medical treatment is divided into four categories: physical therapy, muscle management, medication and surgery. In patients with severe knee pain, doctors recommend surgery. Knee replacement has a high cost. The results can not as well confirm a 100% percent cured.

Therefore, once realize any abnormal or knee pain, one should monitor oneself and find out the cause to prevent more damage in the future.

Several years ago, professor from Chiang Mai found out that Longan has an active ingredient that relieves knee pain. INWIANG VALLEY’s owner, Onanong Vudtiyakornkul, she also has been suffering from knee pain for years. She has been taking double doze of chemical treatment and start getting worry about how much chemical she has been consuming over years. At the end, doctor advised her to have knee replacement. However, she have met with professor from Chiang Mai who suggest her that in Longan’s shell and seed contains anti-inflammatory substances, chronic and inhibition of cartilage. Professor was as well have tried and refused to replace her knee. Onanong start to drink continuously for a year. She found herself forgot about the pain and eventually disappear.

Although there is no guarantee that longan can cure knee pain. But from the professor case, the owner, testers as well as all living proof of INWIANG VELLAY repeated customers found that after about six weeks of pain is gradually improve, ensuring that the extract in longan helps reduce inflammation. The result from research team developed the product by Clinic Test show positive satisfactory result to assure that we are on the right track.

Do not ignore the warning signs of your body. If you have problems with knee pain, it best to find a cause and prevent it at early stage. For good health in life. Longan organic tea is another optional way for those suffer knee pain without using chemicals.

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