Health Benefit of Dried Longan that you may not know about.

Longan miracle fruit of Thailand. It consider as traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese name it “Dragons eye” Longan is rich in nutrients and essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, gluconic acid, malic acid, citric acid, and also acidic and another 9 amino acids

Traditional old Chinese Medicine has descriptions the benefit of dried longan as follows;

• Nourishing blood, increasing blood circulation.

• Maintain good health for post pregnancy lady

• Nervous system, helps to sleep.

• Reduce stress.

• Improve brain’s memory.

Dried longan won’t make you fat since its sweetness came from natural sugar in longan fruit. There are 3 types benefits to the body; glucose, fructose and sucrose. And the nutrients necessary for the body. However, consuming moderately and do not forget to exercise as well for better health.

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